• connection point

    Connection Point is the NEXT STEP for those who want to know more about CrossWay.  

    In this class you will learn about the history, values, beliefs, and mission of our church.

    Connection Point Classes are offered the third Sunday of every month at 9:00am.  Childcare is provided through our Nursery and Children's Connect Groups.  

  • baptism

    Baptism is the NEXT STEP for those who want to go public with their faith in Jesus.

    Baptism Services are regularly scheduled 4 times a year on our Made New Sundays but, we will host baptism in our services as often as needed!  

  • membership Class

    Membership Class is the NEXT STEP for those who want to identify with CrossWay as their Church Family.  In this class you will learn more fully what it means to align with CrossWay on our Mission to serve God & others in our church, our community, and around the world.

    Membership Classes are offered 4 times a year but , you can walk through the Membership Class Program at any time with a Church Elder.

  • serve SEminar

    Serve Seminars are the NEXT STEP for those who want to proactively and intentionally meet the needs of others.  In these seminars, you will discover your unique gifts, abilities, and resources and learn how to strategically invest them in God's Kingdom work.

    Serve Seminars are scheduled twice a year; once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  Church Elders are willing to have a conversation with you at any time to help you discover your fit in ministry.  Get started by completing your online Personal Spiritual Gifts Inventory.